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A New Kind
of Games Studio

In 2016, games industry veterans combined forces to build a gaming powerhouse in Singapore. Driven by a shared passion, they set out to form a new kind of games studio, committed to transparency, developing the ecosystem around them, and making players across the world smile.


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Our Games

World of Legends
Mighty Pets & Puzzles

Mighty Pets
& Puzzles

A Match 3 Adventure set in a world slowly being corrupted by evil forces. Battle corrupted beasts in a lush Open World with your trusty animal allies.

Industry Quotes

"Mighty Pets And Puzzles looks to be as much of a surefire thing as there can be in the alchemical business of making games."

Lester Wong
The Straits Times

Industry Quotes

"We are thrilled to welcome @MightyBearGames to the @AtlasVC family!"

Atlas Ventures
level 80 scout

Industry Quotes

"A mighty newcomer in Singapore's gaming industry"

April Zara Chua
Infocomm Media Development Authority